South Lake Route

From Red Pagoda

  • South on N Eola Dr to left on East Washington St. to right on Summerlin
  • heading south to right on Briarcliff…heading west to right on Delaney Ave.
  • heading north to right on East Anderson St. ┬áHeading east to left on Summerlin
  • going north to left on South St.(after crossing south street) to right on S. Eola Dr heading North to Eola Park
  • and ending at Red Pagoda

North East-West Route

From Red Pagoda….

  • S on N Eola Dr to left on East Washington St to left on Shine Ave
  • Follow to left on East Marks St. to left on Highland Ave going south to left on Amelia St.
  • Then east to right on Cathcart going south across Robinson to Red Pagoda

Ell Route

From Red Pagoda:

  • Cross Robinson to north on Cathcart to right on East Livingston
  • Continue east to right on North Ferncreek ave to right on Hillcrest
  • Go east to right on North Bumby following south to right on East Robinson
  • Continue west crossing over to Eola park and ending at Red Pagoda

Lake Lucerne Run (2.8 miles)

This course is entirely downtown, and takes in Lake Eola and Lake Lucerne.

  • Robinson west to Rosalind St., turn left (south)
  • Rosalind St. south; pass under Rt 408, to Lake Lucerne sidewalk
  • Take Lake Lucerne sidewalk clockwise around the two lobes of Lake Lucerne
  • Left onto Orange Avenue, heading north
  • Orange Avenue to Robinson, right on Robinson back to the pagoda in the park